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"Became what I have become."

About me (musically)

Greetings folks! My name is Marcel, but you may too call me Bunn. I am a 15 year old bedroom founded ambient music producer from Amsterdam. I started with digital music production by simply combining samples back when I was 9. At that age I had no experience with musical instruments or DAWS (digital audio workstations) whatsoever. It was at the age of 10 that I got in touch with the popular and beloved DAW fl studio. After being very limited in my music production, because I couldn't play an instrument, I turned 12 and I taught myself to play the piano. From that point on my music evolved to my weird but unique Bunn sound that can be heard today.

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The latest Bunn release: “ESDTM”

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About me (computer coding)

I'd consider myself to be an amateur programmer. I code in the Python language and I use Python for web automation, calculators and device automation. I'm truly fascinated by machine learning. Unfortunately though I never managed to understand the mechanisms behind machine learning. At the moment Programming is simply a hobby of mine. I mostly work with basic modules like PyQt, pyautogui and Selenium.